Sunday, July 19

Sunday’s Skywatch is good if you don’t get up too early and get bit by the Moon squaring feisty Mars at 5:38 am PDT. And there may still be a bit of a frown in the air as you start your day. But the astrological skies clear quickly and remain clear for the rest of the day. A creative and romantic Moon Neptune trine lights up the evening skies at 9 pm and Luna sails on to oppose optimistic Jupiter at 10:27 pm. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (July 19–25)

The powerful and healing Jupiter Pluto pairing in the heavens now is also a crown jewel in your new Solar Return, late Cancer and early Leo birth signs. This is a rare occurrence in this chart of your new year, and these planets join responsible Saturn as the major players in your new Solar Return. Realistic Saturn sits opposite your Sun, and he rewards patience and staying focused on your work and ambitions but he guarantees that the dues you pay off this year can give you a big boost up the ladder of success in the future. Keep open to new ideas and thinking with the very welcome Mercury Uranus sextile in your SR, giving you the ability to create new and better solutions and plans in your work and play in the months ahead. Have faith in your talents and forge ahead, Cancer and Leo. Times have changed.

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  1. lance ferguson

    CNN headline: Gun violence surges across the U.S. This is the signature of Mars in his home sign, Aries. Mars rules guns, violence, the cops and anger. Unfortunately this level of violence is bound to go up when Mars turns Retrograde on Sept. 9. And this Rx cycle means Mars will back up in Aries and remain there until early in 2021 when he finally enters much more peaceful Taurus. There will be a Mercury Retrograde period while Mars is Rx which will make things worse. Notice people are buying more guns now, too. Not a good sign. So much to learn watching the cycles of the planets…amazing to me how so many folks pay no attention. Keep your eyes on the heavens in the weeks ahead. As times change.


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