Sunday, July 5

Sunday's Skywatch is much different.  The Moon in dependable Capricorn sextiles creative and spiritual Neptune at 10:44 am PDT and green lights are up for work or play.  Luna sails on to meet, conjunct, lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 3:13 pm and then quickly conjuncts intense Pluto at 4:14 pm.  This pair of pairs can move mountains, help you completely clean out the garage, or show a kid how to ride a bike. Evening hours on Sunday are pleasant.  Something familiar works well with the Capricorn Moon.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (July 5-11)

This is the year to get practical and realistic in your plans and thinking, Cancer.  You have four planets in earth signs in your new Solar Return which will help you make good decisions and plans for the future with good ideas and goals.  New beginnings are also favored in the months ahead with Mars in home sign Aries in this chart of your new year.  Details count and you need to be careful with all the small important facts with Mercury Retrograde in your new SR.  Venus is in Gemini in your SR setting up many singles with two loves for a potential relationship and for others having more than one choice or option in work and play activities.  Dreams and visions might give you important keys to the future, Cancer, as you also have psychic Neptune in home sign Pisces in this new chart.  Put priority plans into motion this year, Cancer.  Times have changed.

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