Sunday, July 7

Caution lights are up on Sunday.

Dream maker Neptune opposes the Moon at 4:11 am PDT early Sunday morning. Luna then trines healing Pluto at 9:50 am.

But the Moon quickly turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters gentle Libra at 11:07 pm Sunday night. And in this window of time, Mercury begins to back up on the bases and turn Retrograde at 4:15 pm.

Best to keep it simple Sunday night—Moon V/C and Mercury Rx increase the chances of misunderstandings and confusion.

As times change.

1 thought on “Sunday, July 7

  1. Lance

    let’s be careful out there…Mercury Rx increases the chances of problems in communications and all forms of transportation….and Mercury rules the winds….be aware of weather shifts….
    Matters of the past often reappear during these times and often to help you solve an old problem or get a new perspective on something that happened in the past.


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