Sunday, July 8

Sunday is a day of Grace.   This is the best day I’ve seen this year to get married or to make a dream come true.

The main event is the Sun making a trine to romantic and devoted Neptune at 7:42 am PDT Sunday morning.

Green lights are up for everything on your agenda as the Taurus Moon also makes a sextile to Neptune at 10:48 am and then sextiles the Sun at 11:01 am.  Sextiles blend energies involved and inspire positive, healing situations.

Luna then trines healing Pluto, ruler of marriage, at 5:11 pm late Sunday afternoon.  This is an exceptional line-up.

Clouds roll in late Sunday night as Mercury lines up in a square to boastful Jupiter early Monday morning: communication problems, lost keys, who let the dogs out?

As times change.

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