Sunday, June 13

Sunday’s Skywatch has more thorns than roses. Caution lights are flashing.

The Moon opposes demanding Pluto at 4:16 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters fiery Leo at 11:22 am. Minor accidents and arguments are more likely when the Moon meets feisty Mars at 2:07 pm.

And clouding up everything on Sunday is the square between the Sun and daydreamer Neptune, exact at 4:39 pm. A second set of caution lights come on Sunday night as a very difficult and dangerous Saturn Uranus square powers up.

Keep it cool and safe Sunday night. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (June13–19) The big square between Saturn and Uranus in the heavens this week becomes part of your new Solar Return, Gemini. Squares can turn into trines if you work with the energy and don’t resist the message in the planets. Uranus rules changes and the truth; Saturn rules realistic thinking and actions. Better then to make the changes that are realistic and practical before changes are enforced on you by others or outside influences. Lucky Jupiter is in home sign Pisces in this chart of your new year and that means things can work out much better than expected when you stick to the truth and take the high road. As times change.

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