Sunday, June 14

Astrological skies are friendly Sunday morning as the Moon sextiles affectionate Venus at 5:24 am PDT. Green lights are up on Sunday as the Skywatch then clears. One note of misunderstanding is likely when the Moon squares distracted Mercury at 7:07 pm. Clear skies follow.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (June 14–20)

Detours, delays, and unexpected situations are all going to make this year way different than the average, Gemini. The Sun in your new Solar Return sits in a square to idealistic Neptune and an inconjunct to compulsive Pluto in this chart of your new year. And one more, your Sun is semisquare rebellious Uranus giving you an itch to make changes before the time is right. Helpful in all this is Venus in Gemini in this new SR who, even while Retrograde, can make it easier to get some agreement and satisfaction in your career. Additionally, determined Mars makes a favorable sextile to powerful Pluto increasing your ability to make changes easily and to find new answers that work. Your strong suit is intelligence, Gemini and it’s time to put on your thinking cap in the months ahead. As times change.

3 thoughts on “Sunday, June 14

  1. Judith Seeley

    The birthday reading for June 21-27 addresses Gemini folks, but a good part of that week will be the birthdays of us Cancer folks. Does that change the birthday reading in any way?
    Thanks! Judy

  2. lance ferguson

    nope…my error…should say Cancer instead of Gemini…..sorry…Cancer birth signs start on June 21.

    1. Judy Seeley

      Appreciate your help with this! I take these year ahead readings pretty seriously every year! Thank you!


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