Sunday, March 22

The energy boost in the Skywatch this weekend comes from aggressive Mars meeting powerful Pluto in the heavens at 10:20 pm Sunday evening. This pair can get a lot of work done or start fights and be extremely destructive—outcomes today are up to you.

But there is a welcome line-up of positive elements in the astrological skies to give your day a boost. Clever Mercury sextiles brilliant Uranus at 6:19 am. Clear skies follow until a series of gentle aspects show up beginning at 7:36 pm when the Moon sextiles Venus and then conjuncts sensitive Neptune at 7:38 pm.

A kind and romantic Venus Neptune sextile follows at 8:08 pm, which will hopefully put all into a friendly and compassionate mood. Although, Neptune always inclines some folks to go overboard with drugs and alcohol.

Be careful if you are out on the roads late tonight. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (March 22–28)

There’s a new sheriff in town and in your Solar Return, Aries. Saturn has just left a 2+ year stay in conservative Capricorn and just entered experimental and forward-thinking Aquarius. The best part is that your Sun links to Saturn in a sextile in this chart of your new year. I want to quote Lois Rodden, one of my favorite authors, who says about this time in your life: “there are opportunities to advance your ambitions and status if you’re prepared to work hard against obstacles and delays.” Most helpful is that your ruler, Mars, sits next to lucky and generous Jupiter in your new SR. This pair helps you be in the right place at the right time and guarantees you’ll draw a few aces in the game of life. Step out on your highest ambition, Aries. Times have changed.

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