Sunday, May 12

Green lights are up on Mother’s Day once the Moon changes signs. Luna sextiles Mars at 5:25 am PDT Sunday morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters Virgo at 9:22 am.

Thankfully, there are no quacks, stress markers, in the Skywatch on Sunday.

The only other exact aspect appears in the heavens at 3:33 pm when the Moon trines friendly Uranus. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night. As times change.

If your birthday is this week: May 12-18

The most powerful planet, Pluto, makes a harmonious sextile to your Sun in your new Solar Return, Taurus. My favorite astrologer, Lois Rodden, says of this time in your life “As one area of your past is resolved or concluded, a door opens that is opportune to a new cycle.” Yes, yes, yes. This is the year to reach out and challenge yourself to create something better in your life and times. Most helpful is that Mercury in this new SR is sitting pretty and in harmony with imaginative Neptune, practical Saturn, and magician Pluto. This is a rare and extremely favorable combination of energies that might inspire some to write the book they have always wanted to write. Or it could send some folks back to school as Mercury is a superb student. This is the year to do what you always said you would, Taurus. You won’t pass this way again. As times change.

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