Sunday, May 19

Sunday’s Skywatch is clear and friendly. The Moon in adventuresome Sagittarius sails out into calm seas for the entire day and night.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (May 19–25)

You have two fabulous planetary placements in your new Solar Return, late Taurus and early Gemini birth signs. It’s quite rare that you would have both loving Venus and lucky Jupiter in their home signs in this chart of your new year. Venus in Taurus attracts love and money while Jupiter in Sagittarius helps you have good timing that puts you in touch with the people who can help you.

Mars is in Cancer in this new SR urging you to put time and energy into fixing up the home front and helping family members with their needs. Dreams and visions can be helpful in the months ahead as psychic Neptune is also in home-sign Pisces in your new SR. Planets in home signs are powerful—the Force is with you this year, Taurus and Gemini. As times change.

6 thoughts on “Sunday, May 19

  1. Sandy

    Happy Birthday, Lance!!!!

    To a highly fortunate, healthy and peaceful new personal year!!!
    Such a treat to have ‘followed’ your growing love of home in Washington!!!

  2. Lance

    thanks to all….I had a marvelous birthday and look forward to the year ahead.
    I’ll put up a new letter this week and give you the latest news from Washington…
    we are so delighted to be here and enjoying a lovely Spring.
    thanks for your love and support.


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