Sunday, May 31

Green lights are up Sunday morning. The Moon enters gentle Libra at 7:38 am PDT and finds her way into a productive trine with practical Saturn at 10:20 am. The only quack in the heavens appears at 2:16 pm when the Moon squares trickster Mercury — say little then, it could be a simple misunderstanding, and you’ll enjoy the clear skies that follow. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (May 31–June 6)

Retrograde Venus is sitting next to your Sun in your new Solar Return, Gemini. She is of great help in social matters and increases your artistic skills among other things — all to the good except for her urge to eat sweets. The “Rub” is that both your Sun and Venus square impatient Mars in this chart of your new year. The danger here is you’ll spend your money and love in ways that don’t pay off for you or give you satisfaction once Venus returns to direct motion in July. Your ruler Mercury is in water sign Cancer in this new SR. Emotions will color logic in the months ahead. Advice is to not make important decisions when you are emotionally upset, Gemini. Get emotionally centered before you make a big decision or act. Let times change.

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