Sunday, November 11

Sunday’s Skywatch opens with a healing Sun Pluto sextile, exact at 7:18 am.  This marker sets up a good day to clean out the garage or pantry and to bring order out of chaos in some area of your life.  Meanwhile, Luna meets organized Saturn at 7:25 am adding more good energy to the day.  Evening hours have a romantic and creative note as the Moon sextiles dreamy Neptune at 11:02 pm. Quiet hours follow.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (November 11–17)

It just might be time for your 15 minutes of fame, Scorpio.  Headlining your new Solar Return is an opportunistic Sun Pluto sextile.  This is a once in a lifetime aspect that joins the power of healing Pluto to your ability to be a leader and in command of the situation.  Pluto also rules the media, so this will be a very good year to publicize your work and efforts whenever you get the chance. Sweet Venus, while Retrograde, has backed into her home sign of Libra giving you an extra touch of grace and the ability to find new healthy partnerships in work and play, Scorpio. Add lucky Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius to your new SR, and you have both of the benefics (good guys) in home signs—the Force is with you. As times change.

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