Sunday, November 15

Sunday’s Skywatch is cloudy and caution lights are up. Often lazy and vain Venus squares demanding Pluto at 11:43 am Sunday morning putting a challenging note into the air. We all have a tendency to go overboard in some way on Sunday as Venus also squares overindulgent Jupiter at 9:33 pm Sunday night. My fear is the cookie jar will be empty — somebody beat me to it. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (November 15-21)

The powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction is a crown jewel in your new Solar Return, Scorpio, and is especially helpful since Pluto is one of your sign’s ruling planets. So this is a stellar year to stretch your wings and to tackle top priority needs and wishes. Just use a light touch with all and be open to a compromise as agreeable Venus sits in a challenging square to self-centered Saturn in this chart of your new year. New beginnings of all kinds are favored in the months ahead with determined Mars in his home sign of Aries. Power and opportunity can help you make successful moves this year, Scorpio. The Force is with you. As times change.

7 thoughts on “Sunday, November 15

  1. Merle Morrigan

    Oh! I’m gonna like this! 😉
    I was born on Joe’s 7th Birthday! It was also Bobby Kennedy’s. Does this I feel their pain and joy like they do?

  2. lance ferguson

    I’ll put up a rundown on Joe’s chart once he takes office. and it’s a good one…
    sit tight everyone and be well….
    as times change.

  3. Johanna

    Happy, Happy Birthday! I am so proud that you are our President Elect and look at January 20th as a day of sheer joy. Wish you every success and happiness.


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