Sunday, September 13

Hold your horses Sunday morning. the Moon squares feisty Mars at 5:05 am PDT (that’s 8:05 am EDT in Boston. Be sure to convert Skywatch time in PDT to your local time zone.) Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters fun-loving Leo at 8:32 am. Green lights come on at that moment as the Skywatch clears. The kiss of the day is a lovely meeting, a conjunction, of the Moon and affectionate Venus at 11:53 pm Sunday night - reach out.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (September 13–19)

You have stellar aspects for your career and reputation this year, Virgo. All due to your Sun sitting in a trine to both Saturn and Pluto in your new Solar Return. Both aspects suggest you get approval from the boss and all authority figures and a year when your work pays off in spades. You also have two squares in this chart of your new year. Loving Venus squares Uranus and Mercury squares Jupiter. Venus squares put pressure on love and money issues — truth and honesty in both are necessary. The Mercury square requires you to pay close attention to the important details, Virgo, usually one of your gifts. But Jupiter has a tendency to ignore what’s close at hand in favor of expecting everything to work out with no real effort or attention. Stay focused and committed Virgo, and you’ll make great strides this year. As times change.

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  1. Wendy Wallace

    I’m so thankful you continue to maintain this site. For over ten years now, I always come back on my birthday to read your year ahead forecast. Thank you.


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