Sunday, September 22

Don’t take any chances on Sunday. The confusion from the Jupiter Neptune square is still in the air. And we have mixed signals Sunday morning. The Moon sextiles friendly Uranus at 8:31 am PDT, but a very grumpy Mercury Saturn square follows at 9:19 am and this challenging square will amplify any difficulties that appear on Sunday. Luna sails on to square lazy Venus at 4:30 pm and then oppose selfish Saturn at 10:39 pm Sunday evening. The Moon will also square Mercury at 12:23am early Monday morning. It’s a better night to stay home and away from complicated situations and difficult people. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (September 22–28)

You have a couple of challenging squares in your new Solar Return late Vigo and early Libra birth signs. Love and money, ruled by Venus, will be tested in the months ahead due to a square to realistic Saturn. Good relationships can grow and evolve; selfish partnerships are likely to dissolve and cause you some grief. Finances can be strained, and you are cautioned to not spend or borrow more than you can realistically afford as lucky Jupiter squares unrealistic Neptune in this chart of your new year. A powerful and positive Mars Pluto trine in your new SR gives you the power to overcome difficult obstacles and to raise your batting average by more than 100 points. This is a good year to rebuild your muscles or any other area of your life. Times have changed.

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