Sunday, September 29

Sunday’s astrological weather begins with the Moon making a sextile to optimistic Jupiter at 7:27 am and then a conjunction to affectionate Venus at 8:38 am. Both markers increase the chances of seeing smiles at the breakfast table.

The only quack or stress element in the heavens today appears at 11:40 am when the Moon squares obstinate Pluto. A compromise at this moment will usually help solve any problems that come up then.

Luna then meets articulate Mercury in the heavens at 7:06 pm but turns Void of Course a minute later until tomorrow morning.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, September 29

  1. Tashina

    Oh darn I forgot to send my yearly money in Miss my skywatch will send it in on Thursday when in town !!! So important for my life !!!


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