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Tuesday, August 20

Full Stop.

There’s a Full Moon in the heavens tonight increasing the chances of lunacy and worse on Tuesday as the Jupiter Uranus square is in full power now and pulls exact at 2:14 am early tomorrow morning.

So, tackle the hard jobs first thing and stick to routine. Morning hours are the best for priority calls and chores. Luna lines up opposite Mercury at 1:17 pm which suggests a difference of opinion.

Bright and beautiful in the evening skies, the Full Moon becomes exact at 8:45 pm. Emotions can overcome reason tonight—and the big square hanging out in the Skywatch now can turn small problems into big ones.

Pay extra attention to the kids and critters tonight. And save the crazy idea or experiment for another evening.

Play it safe and let times change.

Monday, August 19

Steady as she goes.

Jupiter and Uranus will form a tense square in the heavens late tomorrow night.

Uranus always adds an unpredictable element and can be linked to times when we have intense storms, powerful earthquakes and major upheavals in governments and business.

Jupiter increases the scope of the problems created.

So hold off from scheduling important matters this week and pull back.The value in this square is in separating fact from fiction in our lives, and in helping us make changes that improve our situation rather than letting things decay.

A grumpy Moon Saturn square at 9:10 am won’t help matters Monday morning. But Luna sails out into calm seas a few minutes later and green lights come on.

A friendly Moon Uranus sextile at 6:37 pm invites a pleasant conversation or contact, but keep it simple Monday night.

As times change.