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Wednesday, March 20

SPRING!  And a Full Moon in partnership sign Libra.  There’s a lot of energy in the heavens this morning as Mars trines powerful Pluto at 4:37 am PDT.  

The Moon trines both at 7:10 am just as Retrograde Mercury sextiles practical Saturn at 7:28 am.  Luna then squares Jupiter at 8:22 am. But it’s “Time Out” a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until she enters Libra at 6:28 pm.

The Full Moon follows at 6:43 pm after the Sun enters Aries at 2:59 pm when we celebrate the Vernal Equinox and a change of seasons.  A Full Moon in the chart of the Spring season suggests a three-month period ahead when we will see the end of situations and partnerships.

This will be a good time in your life to get away from negative people and circumstances and to rebalance the energy in current relationships of value.  

As times change.

If your birthday is this week (March 17–23)

Sweet Venus is on center stage in your new Solar Return, late Pisces and early Aries birth signs.

The ruler of love and money is in the sign of Aquarius in this chart of your new year.  Aquarius is the sign that rules your friends and groups—both sources of benefit in your life in the months ahead.  That’s due to Venus lined up in a sextile to lucky Jupiter in this new SR.  This pair opens the door to welcome opportunities and social connections if you reach out; a love affair with a former friend is also a script this placement produces in many lives.  

However, you’ve got to take your time and be patient with new people and developments in your life and times as Venus also makes a square to hasty Mars in your new SR.  Be especially cautious in what you say and communicate to others as Retrograde Mercury in this new SR could prompt you to say things you deeply regret later.  

As times change.

Saturday, March 16

Get after the important stuff first thing while the Skywatch is friendly Saturday morning.  Green lights are up with Retrograde Mercury making a thoughtful sextile to deep thinker Pluto at 6:11 am PDT.  

The kiss of the day follows as Luna lines up in a very welcome and powerful trine to the Sun at 11:03 am.  The Moon then turns Void of Course until she enters fiery Leo at 5:57 pm Saturday evening.  One more surprise is likely as the Moon squares eccentric Uranus at 6:47 pm Saturday night.

Clear skies follow.

Monday, October 21

Mercury Retrograde. A three-week period of confusion, delays, schedule changes, weird weather and more begins at 5:29 am Monday morning.

This Rx cycle appears in the Skywatch three times a year and signals to all of us a time to: Stop, look and listen. Use this Rx cycle well by going over past plans and goals with the idea you can improve them significantly.

Wait to make major purchases, decisions or to get a new tattoo as you just might change your mind once the Rx cycle ends on Nov 10. Caution lights are up Monday morning as the Moon is Void of Course until she enters Gemini at 11:14 am.

Double-check the details today and especially when any other stress marker is in the Skywatch during the Rx cycle. Keep it simple Monday afternoon as the Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 4:32 pm and then squares angry Mars at 6:47 pm.

A patient approach then will help carry you safely to the quiet hours that follow.

As times change.

Monday, October 14

Heads up. Mercury will again enter his Retrograde cycle for three weeks starting one week from today. So this is the week to wrap up important details and to get computers backed up, car repairs scheduled and important purchases and decisions made before the Rx cycle begins on Oct 21.

Complications and unexpected developments are likely in the weeks ahead as the main event powering up in the heavens now is the fourth square of Uranus to Pluto, exact on Nov 1, right in the middle of the Rx period.

Green lights are up for getting things in order on Monday as the Moon sails out into calm seas. Pull back a bit as the Moon opposes hasty Mars at 3:28 pm, then turns Void of Course until she enters Pisces at 4:06 pm.

Special moment:  8:56 pm when the Moon meets spiritual Neptune in Pisces in the heavens. This is a shot of creative and psychic energy, or one too many of Jack Daniels. Great time for a sweet bedtime story. Watch and see how it plays out on Monday Night Football.

As times change.