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Monday, August 21

A Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo headlines the Skywatch on Monday.

Visible across a wide swath of North America, this lunation calls out a very powerful time to plant seeds and to initiate changes in your life.

Green lights are up as the Moon trines innovative Uranus at 10:39 am PDT just before meeting the Sun creating the New Moon at 11:30 am.  Luna then turns Void of course until she enters practical Virgo at 1:25 pm.

Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C.  Remember, Mercury is still Retrograde increasing the chances of errors and misunderstandings in your home or office.

I see the astrological community focusing on the Eclipse as a power point.  And it is - but only if you take action.  The stars impel, they don’t compel.

Having Uranus linked in harmony to this New Moon also encourages you to make positive changes now and in the days ahead.

Evening hours are good for work or play as another positive trine powers up in the heavens.

As times change.