The July Letter……..

Friends,                                                                                                                                                                                July 7, 2020

We celebrated two important anniversaries in our lives in June.  This was the month we moved to Birch Bay, Washington four years ago.  We followed Leslie’s son Peter who moved here and bought a house a few years before.  And are we ever glad we did move.  It was a huge chore leaving Corpus Christi, and packing ten years of stuff in our old house and moving 2,400 miles to the Pacific Northwest.  We had to leave behind our sweet kitty, Muffin Marie, and some good friends.  What I miss the most is driving to the coast and buying a pint of shucked oysters for twelve bucks.  Such a deal.  We sure don’t miss the heat and skeeters.  And now we feel like locals and would never leave and see why most people here say the same thing.  Summertime here is high 70’s and maybe an 80-degree day slips in which causes the locals to buy air conditioning.  We live at the backside of a lovely bay, and sea breezes moderate our temperatures.  But it is the forest primeval, green fields and snow-capped Mt. Baker that really keep us enthralled.  This move was a good lesson for this stubborn Taurus, too.  I was weary of living in a different climate and adapting to a different state and lifestyle.  Surprise!  I like it here and really enjoy the weather, environs, and people, too.  Berry season is here now.  Strawberries ripen first, and our neighbor likes to get his from the u-pick farm.  He’s 76 but still picked 18 pounds on his last visit and brought us a basket full of RED berries, lovely and tasty.  His other gift is making biscuits, and last week he knocked on the door and handed us a plate with four superb hot biscuits – and they were killer good.  We miss our Canadian neighbors who have a house across the street, due to the border still being closed.  But other neighbors mow their yard and keep watch.  We are very lucky to have such wonderful folks living around us.  Leslie knows the names of most folks here, and the names of their dogs, too.  We’ve seen the ticklers out in the raspberry vines this week.  These machines fit over the vines and have 30 metal bars on each side that “tickle” the fruit to fall into shallow baskets under the machine.  It’s a brilliant invention made by a local and makes the harvest quicker and easier.  Huge piles of these shallow baskets three inches deep are piled up in front of the fields and keep the berries from getting squashed.  The blackberry harvest will be next and all the vines look very good with huge flowers, so we know there will be a bumper crop in a few weeks. The second anniversary I celebrated in June was the beginning of my study of Astrology.  Way back in 1975, I was in a depressed state and drifting, with no sense of a future. But the lovely nurse I was dating knew astrology and gave me a reading in June 1975.  She turned my head around, finding out about the gifts and talents I had but not really used.  She remains a very good friend of mine today.  Thank you, Stephane Marlow!  Now, 45 years later, I still have my head in the clouds, er cosmos and am still fascinated with my study.  And along the way, I discovered a gift I have of being able to remember birth charts, both the planets in signs and their degrees!  So, I’m never bored.  I can throw several charts up in my mind and progress them (adding a degree for every year they have lived to their natal planets and calculating the aspects) and do this in my head.  I guess it’s not strange that my background all added to my skills as an astrologer.  I was a math whiz in high school and tried to build my own telescope when young and couldn’t do it.  I was an English Major in college and loved books, so the study of master astrologers and their books was something I immediately took to.  My first jobs were in radio and tv as an announcer and newsman – now translated into bringing you the astrological news every day, and many of you know me from my radio days on KEST in San Francisco.  I record all my readings on CDs, and my background helps me make the recordings.

NEWSFLASH: is the site where you can get your chart calculated for free. And they translate/explain all your aspects in plain English.  I just discovered this site, which also has beginner articles on the planets and astrology in general. Check it out.  Stay safe, be well                                         Lance

2 thoughts on “The July Letter……..

  1. Beth Haggerty

    Absolutely extraordinary July Letter. Just what I needed to lift my spirits and know that there are a few people living a wholesome life in harmony with Nature.

    Have you ever considered having a bed and breakfast arrangement in or near your house (even on a limited basis)? Bet a lot of people would enjoy the experience as you so artfully describe as well as being interested in a reading.

    Thank you for being such a wise interpreter on the influence of the heavens for us.

  2. Julie Anglin

    Hi Lance,
    I always read your postings about the Pacific Northwest, which make me yearn to return. The atmosphere, the green, the baked goodies, the BERRIES! I share your writing sometimes with my husband and now he too is entranced. We fantasize about moving to your neck of the woods when I finally retire. Keep the news coming for it is always deeply appreciated by us, SF Bay Area residents.


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