The March Letter from Lance

Dear Friends,                                                                                      March 14, 2017

This has been a hard Winter here in Washington and we’ve had lots of rain after some snow storms last month.  The best day found us in the post office parking lot watching huge snowflakes the size of dimes hit our windshield and melt.  It was so beautiful to be in a major snow storm and yet not suffer as the snow melted on contact with the temperature staying above freezing.  It doesn’t get really cold here but we do have lots of rain.  And while you would think an umbrella store would do well, that’s not how the folks deal with rain here.  First of all, the rain is light.  Leslie says it’s just “pissing on us”, a term she picked up in England, and that’s a fact.  So, most folks here just wear hoodies and even a sweatshirt hoodie will keep you dry.  So, I got a light jacket with a hoodie and actually enjoy being out in the rain as it doesn’t really create any problems and you don’t get wet.  But there’s lots of snow in the mountains.  Last year the ski areas never opened as there was no snow.  This year the pack is 10+ feet deep on Mt Baker and it’s a beautiful sight when the clouds part and you see snow-covered peaks in the distance.  Daytime highs are now in the low 50’s; and it’s very comfortable to be out as there is seldom any wind, which is amazing to me.

The Crocus are just beginning to pop out of the ground and everyone is getting antsy waiting for Spring.  Leslie has already bought seeds she intends to plant and has tulips blooming in a pot on a table in the living room.  I’m ok with the weather.  We can get to the store and shop without getting wet.  Driving the back roads is still fabulous seeing the forest melt and give way to high meadows where farmhouses and huge barns line the two-lane blacktop.  I stay busy and enjoy my work so much, I don’t care if it rains.  And I need more work.  I’ve almost got May Skywatch completed and my desk is clear.  So, I have time to take on new clients and would like to offer you my services.  There are two kinds of readings that I do: natal and timing.  The natal reading lets you know where your planets are and your gifts, talents, blocks and needs in life.  The timing reading tells you what cycles you are in now and what’s ahead for the year.  I need your birth date, city and time of birth to do a reading.  From that info, I create your birth chart, study it, and record your reading on an hour-long cd.  Once you hear the reading I’m available to answer all your questions/comments.  The fee is $150 for all first-time clients. Payment can be check, PayPal, or credit card (here, you call Leslie and give her your info – safe and secure.  Home is 360-392-8338).  The best way to order your reading is to write me a note and put it in the post, include any questions or areas of high importance for me to address – I’ll answer them if I can.  Include your birth data, a check or payment, and tell me what kind of reading you want.  In about two weeks you’ll get a package back with your chart and the cd.  My approach is to find the positive energy in your signs and planets and to lift you up with information that helps you avoid bad timing and weak moments.  Or when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.  That’s the real strength of a timing reading.  It can’t tell you what to do, but it is a valuable guide that alerts you to the days you’ll be drawing aces, have your best stuff, and can win.   Email me if you have questions:

Complications in the Skywatch this month are above average – read ahead and keep this issue handy to remind you ‘this, too, shall pass”.



1 thought on “The March Letter from Lance

  1. Sandy

    I want to put in a strong plug for Lance to anyone who has not had the benefit of a personal chart reading done by him, either a natal or timing chart ( like a solar return BD present for yourself ). Lance puts so much care in to it – and I can attest to always getting more helpful info than I expect. He has a really intuitive way of commenting on the impact of specific planets and what their positions will mean for you personally. Lance does not ‘predict’ what will happen, but he explains what trends typically involve. I have been delighted when special things transpired that seemed magical – and equally grateful to be prepared when difficult things occurred.
    It can be very helpful before a time of surgery to hone in on best influences around any kind of life changes.
    Give yourself a present!!!


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