THE WEEKEND: April 10-11

Saturday is a day of Grace. Green lights are up making Saturday a stellar day for shopping, social plans or an adventure. Clever Mercury sextiles realistic Saturn at 8:09 am PDT followed by agreeable Venus lining up in a sextile to lucky Jupiter at 11:53 am. These two markers set up an excellent morning for a haircut or finding a treasure at the store. Good vibes from Venus carry into the evening hours when a Moon Saturn sextile at 11:00 pm offers a calm atmosphere for long talks and a pleasant exchange of ideas.

        Caution lights are up on Sunday. Morning hours are the best for chores and business. But things can get challenging Sunday night as a New Moon in feisty and impatient Aries perfects at 7:31 pm followed by a square between Venus and demanding Pluto at 8:20 pm. A soft Moon Mars sextile at 8:59 pm could bring a compromise or end to the debate or arguments over money or values. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (April 11–17). Powerful Pluto is the major influence in your new Solar Return, Aries. He has been talking to you for a couple of years encouraging you to grow, heal and become more than you have been. For many of you this is the year you can leave the caterpillar stage and become a butterfly. To help this process along Pluto asks that you let go of people, things, sins and matters that keep you from flying into success and good health. Jupiter and Saturn are both in experimental Aquarius in this chart of your new year; friends and groups of all kinds can help you in this journey. Ask for help when you need it and investigate new opportunities when they arise, Aries. Times have changed.

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