THE WEEKEND: April 3-4

Green lights are up on Saturday. The Moon enters practical Capricorn at 1:13 am PDT early Saturday morning and then sails out into quiet seas. The kiss of the day appears at 5:05 pm when the Moon trines friendly Uranus. Mercury enters Spring sign Aries at 8:41 pm and he’s late, but look for the weather to turn warmer in the days ahead. This event signals the beginning of Spring showers.

        The only quack on Easter takes place Sunday morning when the Moon squares Venus at 7:33 am PDT. This is a very soft square and not a big deal. Luna then finds quiet waters until she makes a sextile to spiritual and compassionate Neptune at 2:55 pm. Clear skies follow until late hours when the Moon meets intense Pluto in the heavens a 12:05 am early Monday morning and then turns Void of Course. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (April 4–10) You’ve got lots of good company and likely several good ideas to investigate this year, Aries. Most helpful is that Venus and Mercury are both in your sign in your new Solar Return. That means hard things will be easier to do and you’ll be more fun to be around. Keep your eyes open for new paths, new people, groups, methods of doing things—all likely to open a door for you, Aries. Your ruler Mars is in the sign of the twins, Gemini, in this chart of your new year. Suspect you will have lots of choices and will be able to multitask with the best of them. What’s the best new thing you can do for your life and times, Aries? Get started tomorrow. Times have changed.

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