THE WEEKEND: August 11-12

Stick to routine on Saturday.  We have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo turning exact at 2:58 am PDT early Saturday morning.  New Moons always bring good times to plant a seed and to initiate new plans, but wait for another day to take action as Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters practical Virgo at 8:59 pm Saturday night.  Stay up later, and you’ll enjoy the Moon making trines to friendly Uranus and dependable Saturn by 1:51 am in Sunday’s early hours.

Green lights are up on Sunday for work or play.  The Moon in child-at-heart Leo sails out into calm seas Sunday morning.  The only exact markers in the Skywatch show up Sunday night when the Moon sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 9:09 pm.  Bedtime will be calling you next as the Moon opposes sleepy Neptune at 10:26 pm.  As times change.

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