THE WEEKEND: August 12-13

Mercury Retrograde begins at 6:01 pm PDT on Saturday. Caution lights are up Saturday morning as the Moon squares inflexible Pluto at 5:27 am and then opposes Jupiter at 7:48 am.  Green lights come on a minute later as the Moon travels on to trine the Sun at 10:27 am and then trine realistic Saturn at 12:26 pm.  Strange winds and weather, problems with cars and machines we use to communicate with are all more likely once Mercury turns Rx. This time is well spent by reviewing current plans looking for improvements and rethinking your position.  Even if you don’t want to slow down, it’s likely to happen with delays, misunderstandings and schedule changes in your life and times during this three-week period that will end on September 5.  Stay out late Saturday night, and a surprise is likely to show up as the Moon meets unpredictable Uranus in the heavens at 1:01 am early Sunday morning.

Sunday is a day of Grace. The Moon turns Void of Course after meeting Uranus early this morning until she enters practical Taurus at 3:40 am. Green lights come on a minute later as Luna sails out into calm waters.  The kiss of the day follows at 2:06 pm when the Sun trines responsible Saturn Sunday afternoon.  This is a stellar time to phone home and/or deal with parents and authority figures of all kinds.  And a good day to buy a car or to make the decision on which house to buy.  Especially with the Moon now in money sign Taurus.  Evening hours are also stellar for checking in with friends and loved ones as the Moon trines articulate Mercury at 11:42 pm Sunday night.  As times change.

4 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND: August 12-13

  1. lance Ferguson

    weather changes….we have gone 55 days without rain, a new record, but it will rain tomorrow…this is typical of Mercury Rx…changing the weather and bringing storms and high winds.

  2. lance Ferguson

    nope…not a good time to buy a car with Mercury Rx…unless you have studied it and really, really know what you want…still you run the risk of getting a lemon…sorry, it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

  3. lance Ferguson

    the Sun Saturn trine is a good sign of a reasoned decision…probably the only planet that overcome Mercury problems is Saturn


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