THE WEEKEND: August 14-15

Get a second or third cup of coffee Saturday morning and let a cranky Moon Saturn square at 8:54 am PDT drift away before you get into anything serious. A high-energy Moon Mars sextile a 10:08 am creates a much better time to start a new project or go shopping. Clear skies follow until 6:18 pm when the Moon opposes distracted Uranus early Saturday evening. The coast is clear in the hours that follow.

It’s the same story Sunday morning. Don’t be in a rush to get going. The Sun and Moon make a stressful square at 8:19 am. But Luna sails on to sextile analyst Pluto at 11:32 am which can help you get good plans underway. The Moon squares opinionated Jupiter at 4:23 pm and quickly moves on to sextile kind Venus at 8:05 pm. There’s no big problem with these markers but note that Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters easygoing Sagittarius at 8:11 pm. Green lights and love lights are on for social plans Sunday night. Affectionate Venus enters Libra, a home sign, at 9:26 pm—reach out. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (August 15–21). You’ve got two sterling planetary placements in your new Solar Return, Leo. Sweet Venus, ruler of love and money, entered a home sign, Libra, on the 15th and graces you with an extra splash of charisma and luck in financial matters if you stay practical and realistic. Just as welcome in this chart of your new year, communications expert Mercury is also in a home sign, Virgo, amping up your ability to sift the wheat from the chaff and to come up with efficient and constructive ways to do things, work and play. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in your new SR urge you to be original in your work, and to share your gifts and talents with friends and groups that have your support and philosophy. Reach for the brass ring this year, Leo. As times change.

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