THE WEEKEND: August 19-20

A brief delay and then green lights.  The Moon squares goofy Uranus at 8:17 am PDT Saturday morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters Leo at 10:55 am.  Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears and remains clear for the rest of the day and night.  Moreover, two strong positive aspects are forming in the heavens on Saturday and will be exact on Sunday.  In short, a strong positive breeze is blowing through the astrological weather on Saturday.  Just remember to double check the details as Mercury is still Retrograde.

Sunday’s Skywatch is high energy. Green lights are up as eager Mars sextiles lucky Jupiter at 9:42 am PDT Sunday morning amping up our expectations and desire to get moving.  Also in power today is a trine from the Sun to brilliant Uranus,   This marker inspires radical thinking, maybe rebellious attitudes, and suggests a good day to experiment in some way.  Evening hours are charged up even more as the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 8:32 pm and then meets/conjuncts assertive Mars at 8:55 pm Sunday night.  A blessing follows as the Moon trines dependable Saturn at 10:26 pm right in the face of the Sun-Uranus trine, exact at 11:23 pm.  This is a great line-up for a concert or any live performance.  Uranus rules the truth, and this is a good night to put yours on the table.  As times change.

2 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND: August 19-20

  1. Lisa

    Hullo Ls!! Me, #thecrazyartist ;-D
    On Cape Cod word is abt 65%? At around 13:00, EST?
    Did you two plan the move to Washington
    w/#theclipse in mind, and/or❓❓❣
    Just feeling goofy as #allGet-Up and beaming some #goodchaos and wellness and joy your way, dear Lance, and Leslie❤️❤️

  2. lance Ferguson

    we moved here because Leslie’s son, Peter, is here and we wanted to huddle up…so glad we did move…it’s lovely here…lots of locals drove south to see the Eclipse in Oregon..16 mile back up on the interstate yesterday….I’ll watch on tv…altho…we will get 80%…..Cape Cod is another great place…
    was there years ago…and loved the place…


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