THE WEEKEND: August 26-27

Mellow.  The big event in the Skywatch is Jupiter moving into a sextile to Saturn which is exact on Sunday and in full power on Saturday.  There’s no drive or push in a sextile; you have to take action.  The sextile says good things can happen when someone takes an opportunity to grow or expand in some way = Jupiter.  So, this is an excellent weekend to take the opportunity to start something new and beneficial in your life.  The Solar Eclipse in Leo also prompts you to move on, move ahead this week.  Tackle the hard part first thing on Saturday as the Moon enters Scorpio early Saturday morning and sextiles the Sun and Mercury at 9:29 am PDT.  Luna then sails out into quiet waters for the rest of the day and night.

The Jupiter-Saturn sextile becomes exact at 5:16 am early Sunday morning.  This is a peaceful aspect that will help you get through any difficult situations and be in full power all day and night Sunday.  The only other marker is a kiss:  Moon sextile Pluto at 11:08 am.  Quiet hours follow for the rest of the day and night.  As times change.

8 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND: August 26-27

  1. Julie

    Hi Lance,
    Yesterday you commented on transiting Pluto being on the Moon in the chart in Corpus Christi so the Hurricane Harvey damage might be great. Similarly, the 2017 solar eclipse preview article in the Dec. 16/Jan. 17 “The Mountain Astrologer” magazine, Tem Tarriktar commented on the eclipse astrolocality map: “The Sun and Moon are on the MC in Houston, Dallas, Omaha, and southern Mexico.” On the map too, we see that the Mercury line is just east of New Orleans. This hurricane may reflect these noteworthy angular positions whose impact extends several hundreds miles in either direction. In the Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse chart for Houston, watery Scorpio is rising, Neptune is in water-sign Pisces in the 4th House, and is parallel to expansive Jupiter.

  2. Teina

    Good afternoon Lance, this isTrina Mink**. I am planning on ordering my annual readings ( very late this year due to lack of extra $)for my husband and I soon. We finally just sold our home in CA and bought land in Whidbey. We’re going to begin building our dream home!
    Just wondering I am scheduled for my second hip replacement surgery on 9/21/17. Just wanted to know if this is a good timeframe for surgery?

  3. lance Ferguson

    yup…you have Saturn trine your Jupiter, ruler of hips, and Venus trine Mars that day….
    and jupiter conjunct your uranus, too…suggesting something that brings you freedom.
    Looks good …good luck…you’ll be fine…

  4. lance Ferguson

    Sun and Moon on the MC don’t call for a flood…Neptune and Scorpio suggest water…for sure…
    Rockport got flattened…we used to live around there…sad to see….

    1. Julie

      I agree Sun/Moon on MC don’t indicate flooding. I was thinking more of the news and media attention being given to that area now. Do you recall if astrological weather forecasts for locations are done with lunation charts or quarterly ingress charts? Thanks.

  5. Stephen

    Sounds like yesterday was the ideal day for my friends Mark and Michael to tie the knot, as indeed they did – especially with Jupiter in partnership sign Libra!

  6. lance Ferguson

    yes, very good energy for all partnership alliances to form…
    good timing is the usually the measure when expansive Jupiter and conservative Saturn agree.

  7. lance Ferguson

    I don’t know what they use for astrological weather forecasts…probaly the season’s chart…but I don’t recall any big water problem in the Summer Soltice chart….Venus was sextile Neptune, the flooder, in that chart and the Moon in Taurus. And true these citites in the media’s glare…I think global warming has stacked the deck against making judgments based on old astrology. we are in a different era now. dammit.


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