The Weekend: August 8-9

Get a head start early on Saturday to handle important chores and shopping. The Sun and Moon find common ground and agree with each other by forming a trine in the heavens at 3:49 pm PDT Saturday afternoon. An exuberant Moon Jupiter square follows at 8:44 pm Saturday night. Stay up late you might not enjoy the Moon in feisty Aries meeting ruler Mars at 1:35 am early Sunday morning. This pair is a set-up for a fight or argument.

      Caution lights are up Sunday morning. The Moon in impatient Aries squares stubborn Pluto at 4:37 am PDT and travels on to square grouchy Saturn at 12:50 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters peaceful Taurus at 6:28 pm early Sunday evening. A friendly Moon Venus sextile warms up hearts and minds Sunday night, exact at 11:23 pm. A bit of static is also in the air Sunday night as Mercury lines up in a square to rebellious and unpredictable Uranus – could be the truth comes out, too. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Aug 9–15)

The powerful Mars Pluto square in the heavens now becomes a part of your Solar Return, Leo. Every element in astrology has a positive side and this square gives you the courage and strength to make your life healthier and stronger in the months ahead. Yes, this is the year and time to let go of negative habits, people, and situations that keep you from reaching your full potential. Lucky Jupiter sits next to Pluto in this chart of your new year, which means the results of your efforts can pay off in spades and open the door to progress and advancements in your career and lifestyle. Don’t look backwards, Leo. The future is calling with a golden invitation to put your best foot forward and to enjoy the taste of success like never before. As times change.

6 thoughts on “The Weekend: August 8-9

  1. lance ferguson

    I saw the chart of the explosion in Beirut…..expansive Jupiter on the Ascendant and in a very tight square to Mars in Aries….Boom….we are about to witness Mars turning Retrograde in Aries on Sept 9.
    suggest you get a copy of September Skywatch so you’ll know the best and worst days to boogie.
    send me a long, self addressed envelope and a one dollar bill and I’ll put your copy of Skywatch in the post pronto. Send to Skywatch, PO 214, Blaine, Wa 98231.

  2. snow

    So glad I have my reading from Lance, it keeps me grounded and actually helps dampen the anxiety when I look at the dumpster fire that is 2020. It’s not a cure but it makes me more patient for when “times change”. I know I’m watching extraordinary events and immense upheavals all over the planet.

    I’m waiting for alien spacecraft next. Sure, why not.


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