THE WEEKEND: February 8-9

A Full Moon in romantic and creative Leo headlines the Skywatch this weekend — and it’s a good one for weddings and social events.  Green lights are up Saturday morning as we have clear skies from dawn until the Moon lines up opposite the Sun in a Full Moon in Leo at 11:33 pm PST Saturday night.  Leo’s mantra is “the party never ends.”  This is a good night for one.

     A bolt of energy greets the day Sunday morning as the Moon trines eager Mars at 8:08 am PST.  But Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters analytical Virgo at 3:39 pm Sunday afternoon.  Something different, even radical, sounds good Sunday night as Luna trines experimental Uranus at 8:31 pm.  Clear skies follow.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Feb 9–15)

Your new Solar Return has more good markers and ideas than stressful ones this year, Aquarius.  You’ve got powerful Jupiter and Saturn in ambitious Capricorn and likely you’ll be working more than usual in the months ahead, but also can make a significant improvement in your career and public standing before your next birthday.  Venus is in fiery Aries in this new SR and she is one of the best at helping you find a new romance or to make a fresh start in some area.  There’s nothing in your SR holding you back, Aquarius — the year will be what you make it.  As times change.

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