THE WEEKEND: January 13-14

Not the usual.  Lazy Venus squares undependable Uranus in the heavens at 11:07 am PST Saturday morning.  Something crazy, unexpected is a Uranian trademark.  Green lights come on once we get past this event as the Skywatch clears and the Moon in generous Sagittarius invites us to get involved in a new adventure or idea on Saturday.  Vibes are good for introductions and social plans Saturday night.  The Moon trines friendly Uranus just past midnight, exact at 0:48 am PST which could easily be a good night kiss.

Caution lights are up Sunday morning.  The Moon turned Void of Course after the trine to Uranus and remains V/C until she enters conservative Capricorn at 11:42 am PST.  Meanwhile, the Sun forms a challenging square to rebellious Uranus, exact at 12:44 pm early Sunday afternoon.  Cars, computers and anything electrical could be a problem with a Uranus square. Unexpected actions and choices, too.  It’s a much different vibe in the afternoon hours on Sunday as the Moon meets controlled Saturn at 5:49 pm and then Mercury at 11:03 pm Sunday night.  As times change.

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