THE WEEKEND: January 18 – 19

Better than the last one.  Astrological skies are friendly this weekend and good for work or play.  The only stressful marker, Mercury square Uranus, passes exact very early this morning and clear skies grace the dawn.  The Moon in efficient and resourceful Scorpio sextiles, optimistic Jupiter at 4:45 am PST and sails on to trine creative and psychic Neptune at 3:14 pm.  Clear skies follow.

Opportunity is the key to Sunday’s Skywatch.  The Moon sextiles Pluto and Saturn very early Sunday morning and then sextiles the confident Sun at 1:22 pm.  Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters optimistic Sagittarius at 2:41 pm.  Green lights come on immediately as the Skywatch clears.  The next event is the Moon making a sextile to Mercury again, emphasizing the benefit in following a new opportunity today — that is the hallmark of what happens during a sextile.  Speak up tonight. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Jan 19–25)

The Uranus squares in the heavens this week are a big part of your new Solar Return, Aquarius. Just the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth.  That’s the mantra of Uranus.  And his squares to your Sun and Mercury in this new SR can reward your dealing with facts only and being honest with yourself and others — that’s the upside and how to profit from these squares. Changes are another Uranian function and you’ll be better off to make them with free will rather than let the changes come and find you unprepared. As times change

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