THE WEEKEND: January 20-21

Astrological skies are foggy Saturday morning. Use caution around anything dangerous or poisonous.  The Moon in sleepy Pisces meets dreamy Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, in the heavens at 12:46 pm PST.  This is the Moon’s most dialed out situation—not the best hour for making important financial decisions or buying a car.  A clearing trend follows as Luna travels on to sextile logical Mercury at 3:20 pm Saturday afternoon—logic gets a say in this pair—it’s a better time to make a choice.  Vibes are good Saturday night for romance, music, art, dancing, and dreams—all Pisces.

Vibes are good Sunday morning as the Moon trines optimistic Jupiter at 3:25 am PST and then sails out into calm seas.  Green lights are up on Sunday for work or play.  The kiss of the day shows up at 5:13 pm Sunday afternoon when the Moon trines eager Mars.  Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night. As times change.

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