THE WEEKEND: July 17-18

Don’t rush in Saturday morning. More coffee is a good idea and discuss plans for the day with an open mind. The Moon squares Pluto at 4:03 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters determined Scorpio at 11:38 am. The kiss of the day follows when the Moon trines optimistic Jupiter at 1:23 pm. A bit later the Sun opposes often-demanding Pluto at 3:46 pm Saturday afternoon. This can be a good time to be a team and work together to clean out the garage, or it can be when somebody wants to go swimming and the others don’t. Compromises are always the way out of Pluto moments. Clear skies follow the opposition for the rest of the day and night.

        A grumpy Moon Saturn square at 6:45 am PDT could burn the toast or your optimism for the day Sunday morning. Don’t let it. Luna will oppose zany Uranus at high noon and then sail out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night on Sunday. A Scorpio Moon gives us a good day to clean up messes and to bring order out of chaos. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (July 18–24). This will be a very good year in your life to turn over a new leaf, late Cancer and early Leo birth signs. All due to Pluto sitting opposite to your Sun in your new Solar Return. Pluto only makes this connection once in your lifetime and asks you to let go of people, situations and sins you’ve outgrown; he guarantees a positive experience and replacement of some kind will come along if you do. Pluto rules all forms of healing making this a very good year to work with therapists, counselors and doctors of all kinds — you’ll be surprised at how easily new techniques and thinking make your life better and richer. Lucky Jupiter in home sign Pisces in your new SR increases your psychic awareness and dream power; ask for information in your dreams just before you drift off. The Force is with you to grow and heal this year, Cancer and Leo. Make it so. As times change.

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