THE WEEKEND: June 9-10

Tackle the hard jobs first thing Saturday morning. The Moon sextiles clever Mercury at 9:03 am PDT, a helpful marker for all plans. Caution lights kick on as the Moon squares lazy Venus at 12:37 pm and then turns Void of Course until she enters sensual Taurus at 9:04 pm Saturday night. A wild and crazy vibe comes from the Moon meeting rebellious Uranus in the heavens at 11:14 pm Saturday evening—it’s a good night to experiment. Clear skies follow.

Astrological skies are friendly Sunday morning as the Moon trines dependable Saturn a 9:20 am PDT. Take your time with anything dangerous after that as the Moon squares hasty Mars at 10:21 am later Sunday morning. Clear skies follow until 10:14 pm Sunday evening when the Moon opposes overindulgent Jupiter. As times change.

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