THE WEEKEND: March 27-28

A foggy Moon Neptune opposition appears in the heavens at 8:05 am PDT Saturday morning—don’t leave home without a tall roadie of coffee. A clearing trend follows as the opposition fades and green lights come on for work or play. The kiss of the day shows up at 4:48 pm PDT when the Moon trines healing Pluto. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Libra at 10:22 pm. A Full Moon in partnership sign Libra perches in the evening skies. Full Moons often bring decisions: She loves me; she loves me not.

     Emotions run high Sunday morning as the Full Moon perfects at 11:48 am PDT. However, green lights are up on Sunday as the Moon sails on to trine dependable Saturn at 4:21 pm and then trines dynamic Mars at 10:12 pm Sunday night. This is a stellar day for weddings, social events and an adventure with a friend/lover. Libra is ruled by Venus who will help you enjoy companionship and sharing. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (March 28 -April 3). Venus is sitting next to your Sun in your new Solar Return, Aries. She rules love and money and will help you find more of both this year. But you’ve got to get in the game and make the effort to find her. She has a bad habit of being lazy at times. And you are likely to have some fine opportunities to make some successful moves in your career and life with dependable Saturn sitting in a very welcome sextile to your Sun in this chart of your new year. Give yourself a chance to explore new ideas and ways of doing things in the months ahead, Aries. Get out on the dance floor if you are looking for love and accept new responsibilities at work with a smile. You can make this a banner year if you stay involved and aware. As times change.

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