THE WEEKEND: May 13-14

Saturday is a good day to buy a computer, car, new phone or TV. The Moon trines Uranus, ruler of such, at 2:45 pm PDT Saturday afternoon. Luna then conjuncts practical Saturn at 3:56 pm and travels on to trine clever Mercury at 7:14 pm. All three aspects create a good atmosphere for major purchases and decisions and turn on the green lights for all activities on Saturday. Caution lights come on as the Moon turns Void of Course one minute after the trine until she enters serious Capricorn at 10:37 pm Saturday night. Quiet hours follow.

Sunday’s Astrological weather is quiet and as the Moon motors out into calm seas at dawn. The only exact marker in the heavens appears at 7:24 pm when the Moon squares superficial Venus Sunday evening. This is the only hiccup on Mother’s Day as clear skies follow while times change.

2 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND: May 13-14

  1. lance Ferguson

    Venus tends to be superficial in a square. All planets have both kinds of energy and usually show the worst side when in a square. And the better side in a trine or sextile.


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