The Weekend: May 23-24

Astrological skies are clear Saturday morning. Green lights are up as the Moon in talkative Gemini flies out into quiet space. The kiss of the day appears in the evening skies at 8:14 pm PDT when the Moon meets loving but Retrograde Venus in the heavens. Her confusion in her Retrograde cycle will be increased as the Moon squares fantasy-prone Neptune at 10:34 pm.           

Sunday’s Skywatch is easygoing. It’s a good day to do something new (Mars). Clear astrological skies prevail until Luna meets articulate Mercury in the heavens at 4:09 pm PDT. The Moon enters emotional Cancer at the same moment and a high energy Mars Uranus sextile, exact at 11:48 pm, is likely to take your celebrations into late hours. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (May 24–30)

This can be an extremely productive year for you, Gemini.  All due to Saturn sitting in a trine to your Sun in your new Solar Return.  Saturn trines also suggest you will get approval and support from your boss and those in authority positions in the months ahead, even if you haven’t in the past.  Be open to changes and experimenting with new techniques and machines this year.  You have a sterling Mars Uranus sextile in this chart of your new year helping you be happy with both and for being successful when you put your original ideas and plans into motion.  This will be a year like no other, Gemini. Go after what you want.  As times change.

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