THE WEEKEND: May 27-28

Get the important stuff done on Saturday under clear astrological skies. The Moon enters home sign Cancer at 4:243 am early Saturday morning and then sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night. However, there’s a nice kiss between clever Mercury and creative and compassionate Neptune just after midnight—time to talk about your dreams and wishes. As times change.

Trouble is brewing on Sunday. Caution lights are up as a series of stressful aspects can create the atmosphere for accidents, arguments and violence on Sunday. Morning hours are peaceful until the Moon in sensitive Cancer opposes critical Pluto at 11:05 am PDT. Luna travels on to square lazy Venus at 4:02 pm. The main event follows as aggressive Mars lines up opposite to difficult Saturn at 11:54 pm. A Moon square to rebellious Uranus follows at 11:59 pm and the Moon turns Void of Course a minute later. Stick to the safe way of doing things today and tonight and pay extra attention to the kids and critters. And hopefully you’ll avoid any big problems and enjoy your day off and the rest of this holiday weekend.

One thought on “THE WEEKEND: May 27-28

  1. lance Ferguson

    Mars is in late Gemini, Saturn in late Sag….both planets square planets in Virgo and Pisces…your Sun is getting whacked if you were born on March 14-19 or Sept 17-21…and basically the same late birthdays for Gemini and Sag folks – you get to meet Mars or Saturn first hand. Play safe and carefully this weekend.


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