Too much syrup on the pancakes is more likely Saturday morning when sugar fan Venus squares overindulgent Jupiter at 6:38 am PDT. This is a soft square but encourages us all to eat, spend or promise too much on Saturday. A calm and deliberate Moon Saturn sextile at 7:18 am is the perfect message to lead you into your plans and shopping on Saturday. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.          

   Many are likely to burn the toast Sunday morning as the Moon squares intense Pluto at 10:16 am. But that’s the only difficult marker in the Skywatch on Mother’s Day. A cheerful Moon Jupiter sextile at 3:50 pm is the better moment to give your mother a goodie and show her your love. Luna then turns Void of Course until 4:46 pm when she enters peaceful Taurus. Clear skies follow and encourage you to continue the celebration into evening hours with the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus helping you communicate your affection.

If your birthday is this week (May 9–15). The good energy in the Skywatch over the last two days becomes part of your Solar Return, Taurus. Mars and Uranus set the stage for you to experiment and be successful in bringing new plans and ideas into fruition in the months ahead. Mercury and Saturn in harmony can inspire realistic and practical plans that are bound to work. Neptune and your Sun linked up increases your creative ability and can bring you answers in your dreams—pay attention. No caution lights are up in this chart of your new year, Taurus. The biggest mistake you can make in the year ahead is doing the same old things over and over, as we Bulls are want to do. Accept all invitations into new places and situations, Taurus. You won’t pass this way again. As times change.

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