The Weekend: November 16-17

Morning hours are the best of the day for chores and the important stuff you need to do on Saturday. The Moon in emotional Cancer trines Retrograde Mercury at 8:08 am PST and sails on to trine creative and psychic Neptune at 1:03 pm. Challenges to your thinking and plans are more likely when the Moon opposes demanding Saturn at 2:18 pm on Saturday afternoon. Another opposition asks for compromise and an open mind Saturday night as the Moon opposes hard-nosed Pluto at 10:14 pm. Clear skies follow.

      Caution lights are up on Sunday. A kind Sun Moon trine at 4:53 am PST Sunday morning is followed by the Moon lining up in a challenging square to feisty and impatient Mars at 12:14 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters fiery Leo at 1:57 pm. Easy does it during with V/C hours with Mercury still Retrograde until November 20. Leo likes to party and have fun, but there could be a small problem appearing Sunday night when the Moon squares rebellious and erratic Uranus at 8:35 pm. Sidestep a hassle then, and clear skies follow.

If your birthday is this week (November 17–23)

You’ve got luck on your side this year, late Scorpio and early Sagittarius birth signs. Only once in 11 years will you find loving Venus and lucky Jupiter sitting together in Sagittarius in your Solar Return. And this is the year. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is much more powerful than usual in his home sign. Having Venus along for the ride increases the chances you’ll be lucky in love and can find new ways to increase your bank account. There’s no automatic bingo in these two positive energies in your chart of the year; you have to reach out and get involved to get the benefits they promise by taking action and giving yourself the opportunity to meet new people and looking for possibilities to increase your bankroll. Get involved and be open to new situations, meeting new people and new opportunities with confidence. The Force is with you.  As times change.

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