THE WEEKEND: November 21-22

Keep it simple on Saturday. The Moon is Void of Course from Friday until she enters dreamy Pisces at 8:06 pm PST Saturday evening carving out the longest V/C period this month. Hold off on making important or critical decisions and purchases while the Moon is Void of Course as our intuition and judgment are not always sharp during this part of the lunar cycle. A positive note in the Skywatch today is the Sun entering optimistic and easygoing Sagittarius at 12:40 pm. We have a two-act play going on Saturday night. Act 1 finds the Sun and Moon facing off in a sad and challenging square at 8:45 pm. Act 2 finds the Moon in romantic and compassionate Pisces making a loving trine to agreeable Venus in passionate Scorpio at 9:43 pm. As times change.

Green lights are up for work or play on Sunday. The moon sextiles innovative Uranus at 11:10 am PST suggesting a good time to deal with/buy anything electrical and for social plans with friends - all ruled by Uranus. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (November 22-28)

The focus this year in your new Solar Return is on Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in practical Capricorn, dear Sagittarius. Your ruler is Jupiter and in Capricorn he urges you to settle down, get focused, and to make important duties and responsibilities your highest priority. This good earth power in your chart in this new year can help you make great strides in your career or any important endeavor you undertake. Yes, yes, yes. You also have Venus and Mercury both in powerful Scorpio in your new SR. Planets in this sign help you research matters well and solve problems with grace. Stick to your plan and work it, Sag. And you will be in a much, much better place by your next birthday. As times change.

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