THE WEEKEND: October 2-3

The Venus Pluto sextile in the heavens early Saturday morning opens the door to good vibes and plans as we start the weekend. The Moon remains in fun-loving Leo and opposes overindulgent Jupiter at 12:28 pm PDT. Luna then sextiles curious Mercury at 1:57 pm Saturday afternoon setting up the best hour or the day for calls and shopping. A Moon Venus square follows at 4:43 pm encouraging ice cream cones and taking it easy. Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

      Green lights are up on Sunday. The Moon enters practical Virgo at 1:37 am, ending the V/C cycle from Saturday, and sails out into calm seas. The kiss of the day appears at 5:05 pm when Mercury trines upbeat and lucky Jupiter spreading good vibes over the entire day and night on Sunday—reach out. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (October 3–9). The time has come for you to open new doors and start new plans and projects in your life, Libra. Determined and tireless Mars sits next to your Sun in your new Solar Return. He gives you the guts and strength to do what you’ve never done before. With both Jupiter and Saturn in friendly Aquarius in this chart of your new year, you can find new relationships, lovers and support from organizations and groups that support your causes. This is also a good year to update/replace your car, computer and all high tech machines you use daily — all ruled by Aquarius and with lucky Jupiter in your corner helping you find a good deal. Something new is calling you, Libra. Answer. As times change.

2 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND: October 2-3

  1. Lin

    There wasn’t any “ if your birthday is this week” for October 1? I did check last “This weekend post” for it…
    Thank you

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Hi Lin, this is why you need to become a member, you will have access to all the birthday forecasts! I don’t always post the birthdays. Here is the one you requested.
      If your birthday is this week (September 26—October 2), the two lovely trines in the heavens today become crown jewels in your new Solar Return, Libra. Love and money returns get a boost with Venus; powerful dreams, visions and creative energy will be Neptune’s gift to you in the months ahead. Perhaps even more valuable is the Sun Saturn trine in this chart of your new year. Saturn grounds you and helps you make realistic and practical decisions and plans over this new year ahead. Just double-check the details carefully with Mercury Retrograde in your new SR, Libra. Stick to the facts and you will find the right idea and path, Libra. As times change.


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