THE WEEKEND: October 5 and 6

Caution lights are up on Saturday. The Moon squares the Sun at 9:47 am PDT encouraging accidents and disagreements Saturday morning. Luna travels on to conjunct realistic but often cynical Saturn in the heavens at 1:39 pm. Saturn can get the job done but is not too cheerful about it. Moods lighten up as the Moon sextiles compassionate Neptune at 6:27 pm and then sails out into clear skies.

     Something out of the ordinary is likely to show up on Sunday. The main event is Mercury lining up opposite unpredictable Uranus at 11:16 pm PDT Sunday evening. Along the way, Luna squares Venus at 4:25 pm, which can make you feel lazy and in need of some chocolate. The Moon turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters friendly Aquarius at 8:42 pm Sunday night. Stay up late, and you’ll feel a blast of new energy as the Moon trines eager Mars at 12:43 am. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (October 6-12)

There’s an unusual and challenging square in your new Solar Return, Libra. Realistic and serious Saturn sits in a square to your Sun in this chart of your new year. Saturn tests you and can give you benefits in the future IF you pay your dues and work hard in the months ahead. Helpful is that lucky Jupiter is still in powerful home sign Sagittarius and that eager and determined Mars is also in Libra in your new SR. Your ruler, Venus, is in passionate Scorpio turning up the heat and passion in your relationships which can be good or bad depending on how honest you have been and whether the connection you have is healthy. Scorpio tends to extremes but can help you heal old problems if you want to keep the relationship intact. Don’t depend on quick fixes or take your eyes off the brass ring this year, Libra. Your grit and determination can pay off in spades in the months ahead. As times change

3 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND: October 5 and 6

  1. kathleen

    Amazing clarity in breaking down elements I’ve been battling this week with banking contact- past Monday’s Skywatch warning for finances hidden truths legal lock up -didn’t make sense until I found adversarial lower level banker stopping my legal progress -may have been defendant in case 10 years ago in another state prosecuted by Us gov – same name as my bank contact who denies veracity of my docs- escalated my docs to legal – both teller at branch and security guard thanked me for fighting they had stories of their own -my attorney will take my narrative and both research us gov case out of state – and represent my complaints to bank – bank is very poorly staffed – I’ve needed these Skywatch posts to bolster this week navigating skies and waters thank you Lance always


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