THE WEEKEND: September 18-19

A slight delay and then green lights for the entire weekend. The Moon conjuncts optimistic Jupiter at 2:14 am PDT early Saturday morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters creative and romantic Pisces at 1:22 pm. Wait until the Moon changes signs before you make any important decisions or purchases. Green lights come on when she enters the sign of the Fishes and sails out into calm waters for the rest of the day and night on Saturday. Pisces rules the feet in your body so this is a good weekend to buy shoes, go dancing or swimming, and to be near water.

      A lovely Moon Venus trine at 7:25 am is bound to bring smiles to the breakfast table Sunday morning. This is another good day to relax and recharge. Clear skies follow the trine until 3:26 pm when the Moon sextiles friendly Uranus setting up a good afternoon to buy a car, computer and anything high tech — all ruled by Uranus. A Full Moon perches in evening skies Sunday night with no other energy to deal with to disturb the peace. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (September 19–25). The Mercury Pluto square in the heavens today (Wednesday, Sept 22) becomes part of your new Solar Return, late Virgo and early Libra birth signs. That means you need to research plans and expenditures carefully and do your homework before you sign on the dotted line. Squares can turn into trines if you pay attention and look for answers and the truth — Pluto is the master of research and can help you unearth secrets and a better way of doing things in the months ahead. Venus in passionate Scorpio sits opposite Uranus in this chart of your new year. Unexpected events and relationship issues are likely with this pair. Stick to the truth and you’ll come out way ahead, and think twice about making snap decisions to buy something you fall in love with — you could fall out of love next week with Uranus influencing your tastes (Venus). As times change.

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