THE WEEKEND: September 4-5

Handle the important chores, and especially shopping, on Saturday. A realistic and practical Mercury Saturn Trine at 6:30 pm PDT invests the day and night with a calm, deliberate approach and choice of actions. One surprise could pop up when Luna squares erratic Uranus at 12:23 pm but it could just as easily be a good event as trouble. The trine sets up a good evening for deep conversations and making plans for the future.

      Caution lights are up on Sunday. The Moon opposes opinionated Jupiter at 7:21 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters modest Virgo at 4:05 pm. The main event in the Sky watch on Sunday follows when vain Venus squares spiteful and often manipulative Pluto at 8:07 pm. Best to keep your money in your pocket today and to look for a compromise if a disagreement ruffles feathers. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (September 5–11). You have two extremely positive and helpful trines in your new Solar Return, Virgo. Determined Mars in Virgo trines powerful Pluto, the planet that rules the Force, in this chart of your new year. Athletes who win in the Olympics will have often have this marker in their astrology—you can break old records and put more energy into your projects than ever before this year. And the sweetest trine in the heavens, Venus trine Jupiter, is a crown jewel in your new SR. Love and money get a big boost from this pair. It all adds up to a year that you can make a dream come true, Virgo. Follow your bliss is my best advice. You won’t pass this way again. As times change.

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