THE WEEKEND: September 9-10

A bit of static is in the air early Saturday morning as the Moon meets electrical Uranus in the heavens at 5:54 am PDT. Luna then trines Mercury at 8:52 am but turns Void of Course until she enters Taurus at 9:23 am. Bingo. Green lights come on at this minute as the Skywatch clears. Energy levels rise as the Moon trines eager Mars at 2:16 pm. Evening hours are quiet and very good for social plans with the Moon in gentle Taurus, another sign along with Libra ruled by loving Venus.

A dreamy Moon-Neptune sextile at 7:08 am sets the stage for a peaceful Sunday morning. Green lights are up on Sunday as the Moon trines healing Pluto at 2:19 pm and then trines the Sun at 4:54 pm. Trines increase our ability to judge matters correctly and to find positive people and situations. They are always good times to ask a favor, make your case, or to open a new door of experience. Squares bring challenges, and one shows up at 5:54 pm when the Moon squares Venus = Chocolate or vanilla? Venus is not a tough customer, even in a square. As times change.

3 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND: September 9-10

  1. lance Ferguson

    in all my study, none of the great masters said anything about solar Flares…

    the Sun is regarded as a creative force, so on a personal level you might get a blast of new energy in that direction…I have over the last few days been inspired to do better work and to take a more balanced view of matters..on the world front? dunno…it’s not really the explanation or connected to hurricanes…all we can do is watch and see what it brings…


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