Thursday, August 15

Oppositions. And caution lights.

Things might not go as planned today. A Full Moon (which means the Sun and Moon are lined up opposite each other) in unpredictable and contrary Aquarius, exact at 5:29 am PDT this morning fires up the emotional and perhaps challenging side of everyone around your home or office.

Part of the reason for any challenging reactions you get today comes from the Moon opposing superficial Venus at 6:16 am, and later there’s a more challenging opposition to feisty Mars at 6:02 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters indecisive Pisces at 8:49 pm Thursday night.

Caution lights remain up however as Mercury walks into a square to eccentric Uranus which will be exact Friday morning. Problems with computers, cars, and phones - ruled by Uranus - are all more likely tonight and tomorrow.

As times change.

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  1. Tink Traylor

    Thousands of travelers delayed at U.S. airports by computer outage

    Thousands of travelers at U.S. airports faced delays on Friday because of an nationwide outage


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