Thursday, August 31


The Moon enters responsible Capricorn at 1:19 am PDT early this morning and sails out into calm waters.  Green lights are up for work or play.

Just remember to double check the details with Mercury now Retrograde.  This clever ruler of communications backs into creative Leo this morning and finishes off his Rx cycle in this fire sign on Sept 5.

The kiss of the day shows up at 7:06 pm when the Sun and Moon form a very comfortable trine in the heavens.  Here’s a good time to make a difficult call or to give your teenager some advice.

Quiet hours follow.  As times change.


5 thoughts on “Thursday, August 31

  1. Linda Everett

    I noticed on Sept. 4 you have the same time ( 10:28) noted in
    the Skywatch for 2 events. Assume the 2nd 10:28 was a typo,
    so what’s the correct time?
    Linda E.

  2. Linda Everett

    Also, I want to thank you for getting the Skywatch out early
    these days. It sure helps w/planning.
    Thanks again,
    Linda E.

  3. lance Ferguson

    and it’s true…the Sun Neptune opposition is at 10:28 pm
    the Moon enters Pisces at 10:28 pm….strange timing…sorta makes this time a bit dangerous.

    and thanks…if you see something off…cluck at me…I have no one to back me up but you readers…
    and it’s a bucketful of details/info to corral every month.

    hope you got your copy of the 2107 long range Datebook in the Member’s section now.
    so you’ll be ready for the holidaze season.


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