Thursday, August 6

Upbeat but unfocused. An optimistic Moon Jupiter sextile at 9:20 am PDT puts good energy in the Skywatch this morning.

However, the Moon in dreamy Pisces meets the sign’s ruler, Neptune, in the heavens at 11:11 am. More coffee might help clear the fog from this moment; staying close to the facts is also a good idea as Neptune tends to bend the truth at times.

Green lights appear once the Moon sails past Neptune as the Skywatch clears. The kiss of the day shows up at 4:38 pm when Luna sextiles powerful Pluto. Sextiles bring times of opportunity; Pluto is the healer and invites you to speak up and work on solutions.

Clear skies follow into the late hours.

As times change.

1 thought on “Thursday, August 6

  1. lance ferguson

    I saw the chart of the explosion in Beirut…..expansive Jupiter on the Ascendant and in a very tight square to Mars in Aries….Boom….we are about to witness Mars turning Retrograde in Aries on Sept 9.
    suggest you get a copy of September Skywatch so you’ll know the best and worst days to boogie.
    send me a long, self addressed envelope and a one dollar bill and I’ll put your copy of Skywatch in the post pronto. Send to Skywatch, PO 214, Blaine, Wa 98231.


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