Thursday, December 21

Cold, cold, cold. Better get an extra cord of wood in the shed soon as the chart of Winter is extraordinary and clear in the message: it’s gonna be cold.

The Sun enters Winter sign Capricorn at 8:29 am PST and we celebrate the Winter Solstice Thursday morning. Caution lights are up as the Moon squares impatient Mars at 10:13 am.

The Sun then meets serious Saturn who has just entered Capricorn in the heavens at 1:09 pm. Serious stuff is likely today with all the Saturn and Capricorn energy in the Skywatch—keep your tie straight.

The only kiss shows up at 8:54 pm when the Moon sextiles Mercury Rx. Astrologers create a chart of the Sun’s entry into Capricorn to get a clue about the Winter season.

A Sun Saturn conjunction in Capricorn joins intense Pluto who is also in Capricorn—all in Winter’s sign suggests extreme weather events in the months ahead.

As times change.

6 thoughts on “Thursday, December 21

  1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

    Some damn-fool astrologer said it would be cold.
    28F (-2C) here in Birch Bay this morning.
    Bird feeders are out, several hummingbirds and little peepers are hiding in the bushes near the house, all trying to stay warm.
    Happy Winter Solstice to all.

  2. Merle Morrigan

    Happy Solstice! That same durn-fuel astrologer told me to read ‘Think And Grow Rich’ for my birthday. I woke up today at 36 degrees F inside my motorhome, and had to venture outside into the real cold to get that shower in the RV park bathhouse. . .but not only did I receive my pretty sparkling dentures today but I sighed the papers on my new SUBSIDIZED apartment, where it’s 67 degrees all the time (AND indoor plumbing!) When the stars impel, make sure you have your paperwork in good order! Much love to everyone!

  3. lance Ferguson

    congratulations, Merle….we like hearing you’ll be warm and snuggled up for the Winter…

    as times change….

  4. Lillian Shipp

    I miss you doing your forecast on CST Texas. Honestly when I was living on PST in California i moved to Texas just the experience the forecast from your eyes. Now living in Texas the skywatch doesn’t feel the same as we are once again on different Time zones. Enjoy your cold weather rain, and snow while I bask in the sun, wind and hurricanes.


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